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I ordered a lock from this company and had not heard back from them for well over a week. I emailed the company asking for some information on when my order would be shipped. And this is the response I get from the company:

RE: Best Trailer Lock Order Confirmation #R079717473

Proven Industries Add to contacts 9:12 AM

To: m@hotmail.com

Yes please do. You are unbelievable, u place a order and did not see it was on back order. U never email us to ask anything but only after a week. We response within minutes and u still $#*!. I am a one man company that does everything! and i work way to hard to take $#*! from *** hole like yourself. So yes it's a small world *** hole and everything comes back around. Do what u have to do because I know I will ;)

On Feb 28, 2016 10:03 AM, wrote:

Wow and another great response for your company. You really are unbelievable. And don't worry I will tell the whole story when I do post my reviews. And, should I take that as a threat when you state it's a "small world?"

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This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a full refund. mikeyu is overall dissatisfied with Proven Industries. The most disappointing about trailer lock at Proven Industries was offensive emails Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I live in Alberta Canada and have dealt with Proven Industries. Due to the fact I live out of country they required a picture of the hitch on my trailer to make sure I got the correct one.

I sent them the pics and got an immediate response confirming my selection was correct by phone and by e mail. I ordered the lock and they provided me with a tracking number so I could monitor the shipping progress. I received my order 7 days later, which is fast to get something up here. The quality, fit and finish are very good, their customer service was excellent and as I have 4 other trailers I will be ordering from them again.

Its nice to be able to order a quality product like this as in Canada all we have available here is offshore junk. Thanks Proven Industries.


Typical COWARD mentality. Start a fight then run away and play the victim.

YOU cannot start verbally swinging and THEN turn it around on THEM!!! As I said a COWARD does that.

SO all YOU have shown is EXACTLY what kind of person YOU are. A pathetic COWARD, PERIOD!!

to Anonymous Canton, Georgia, United States #1317176

Looks like you nailed that one lol. I hate consumers like this above and you are 100% correct a coward!!!


The response begins with "YES PLEASE DO", do what ? sounds to me like he was responding to a threat.

Where is your letter to him?

I worked in customer service for twenty years, I took a lot of abuse from customers.

I suspect this response was provoked, and if so then GOOD FOR HIM

Ruskin, Florida, United States #1246621

I have order a lock from them and received it a few days later. I love the product and it was made very well!!

Crescent City, California, United States #1185170

I was about to order one of these. Not now.

to Anonymous Canton, Georgia, United States #1317177

Looks like you missed out then, I have one and its great!!!


Does not even sound real? This has to be their competition lol


Funny how you "forgot" to put your own replies to them. I am sure they were just as offensive.

If you are going to tell the whole story why not also tell them how you responded.

I doubt they were rude and offensive without provokion . Then again that is not a professional reply, it is full of spelling and grammar errors, looks like you wrote this just to make them look bad.

to Anonymous #1131056

yeah sounds really fake. I think it sounds like a competitor.

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